Your name is Tara Sue. You are 25 and you work in an office.
Admittedly, your life could stand to get a little more interesting.

MNiTS is a completely free browser-based game by Maki Yamazaki about love, life, death and… Working in an office? With ten different endings and a vast array of choices to make, what path will you chose?

Story & Art: Maki Yamazaki
Copy Editing:  Nome Farmer
CSS & HTML: Maki Yamazaki
Language: English
Released: 2013.Jul.13
License: Creative Commons (more information)
Development System: Twine


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this game makes my brain happy. I don't get why but there's just something about the fact that this starts off as a very boring office job and quickly progresses to something dramatic that makes me really happy. this game is just silly 😭😭